25 thoughts on “Hulu Getting Ready To Go International”

  1. Now only if more recent seasons were available. I understand the need to keep DVD sales/rental revenue going, but we’re already seeing that online doesn’t cannibalize. It augments.

  2. Hulu is fantastic, and I think it only makes sense that they think internationally. It’s the one service that has convinced me to watch certain television shows on my computer instead of my TV.

  3. I’m willing to be that Hulu’s international aspirations will include a limited subset of US content (as per their rights) but will mostly be made up of niche content from particular regions. Unless Hulu has solved the fundamental issues in the industry (rights, licensing, etc) they will be challenged to bring most of their content to international eyes.


  4. If I were Hulu, I’d be working with all of the various netbook vendors, i.e.: Acer, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, Dell, etc.. Why? These small notebooks run Hulu very well on the 8.9- and 10-inch displays, making them very portable little content consumption devices. The older Intel Celeron and new Intel Atom chipsets handle the video great unless you try to go full-screen or 480p. Hulu would do well to get a shortcut to their site on the netbooks IMO… paired with international support, it would potentially get their user base go quickly grow exponentially.

  5. Hu do I talk to at Hulu about handling Hulu’s interests in the H-UK and H-Europe?

    Isn’t it time we had an online HBO, ad-free, quality content, vod service, sort of Hulu/iPlayer/Joost but without all the ad crap?

    Hell, I’d pay.

  6. I agree with Csalomonlee that the labels have nothing to fear from online streaming. I myself will watch the same episodes online for which I already own the DVD while working on the computer. Take for example Airwolf, which I watch on http://series.airwolf.tv/episodes (a great way to add value to Hulu, by the way). I watched an episode last night simply because it was more convenient than grabbing the disc off the shelf.

    I disagree with Adam, however, that it’s time we had a Hulu player without all the ads. We already do – it’s called iTunes, and you can spend your money there.

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