15 thoughts on “Desktop Apps, reborn as hybrids”

  1. We’ve been calling them “Web-connected apps” and we’ve spent the last few years creating an application framework for developing and deploying them to the desktop. The Pepper environment seamlessly integrates Mozilla Firefox, Java and Flash. It runs on Windows or we’ve got a lightweight Linux distro based on Fedora for a complete solution for low-end devices. See http://www.pepper.com.

  2. Software is taking a U-Turn. Not long ago web-enabling the fat clients was the fancy agenda, a panacea for all the problems, in the list of todo for every software house. Now everyone is hooked with the idea of desktopifying the web. But it is good because industry is trying to bring the best of both worlds to the customers. What we are witnessing is all signal, noise, chaos, brilliance, buzz and experiment before the marriage. Trying to tie the richness of desktop applications with easy6 universal accesability of web apps is becoming easier with Apollo, Joyant, Deokoh,OpenLazlo, FireFox 3.0, Widgets etc.

  3. Good job Om. There are just some things right now that need to get done, and blending the desktop with ip channels and social networks makes alot of sense. Streaming of binary data, and I mean large binary streams of 1 gig or more, encrypting with aes, drag and drop, intelligent filtering, built in scheduling of binary transports, layering on top of existing file systems, all of this is best left to desktop applications. You are about the only one with any sense out there reporting on current technology trends.

  4. Old technologies, new names. Not only is AJAX as we know is just an older technologey with a newely coined tech term, but even the merger of desktop to the web app has been around for years..

    Most CRM companies such as Salesforce.com, Netsuite, Salesboom.com and RightNow, offer an offline edetion of thier products that automatically syncs data when an internet connection is available!

    In the tech world, whenever a new thing comes a long we get the fears of loosing the old out right, just like we thought the TV would kill the Radio or the Net would kill the TV, crap!

    So Whats New?

  5. I think what you call hybrid is more a step forward than a retreat. After all, isn’t more utility better than less? Functional without Internet access and even more functional with Internet access sounds pretty good to me . . .

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