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  1. A Mac sofware developer and I were chatting about this yesterday. He SPECULATED (and I agreed) that it was likely that Apple would include Front Row in iLife ’06 at Macworld in SF in January. I thought it might be some hardware (chipset) that made it iMac-only. But he said it was only an OpenGL instrction set in software. It’s current iMac-only incarnation was intended to spur sales of iMacs

  2. Just ordered a new iMac, delivery not until December, so I’d like to know why iMac is frankly the only Mac product you hate. (I don’t want to experience buyer’s remorse.) Thanks!

  3. Blattman,

    its for two reasons. i much preferred the lamp design of imap, over this current one. secondly, i have heard they get hot. my one experience was that they got so hot that they malfunctioned. some of the others have had the same issue with imac as well. so i urge caution etc. make sure you get applecare when you buy.

  4. I think the heat issue was mostly causing problems in earlier models and has pretty much been resolved. I’ve had mine for about six months now and no problems so far. Had the lamp one before and loved it. Really like my 20′ though…

  5. Turning the Mac Mini into a true media center probably won’t happen till they go to new Intel chipsets in those machines.
    I read that Elgato CEO is now an Apple employee. Who knows what they have in store for us.

  6. Blattman, don’t worry about a thing. I got the iMac G5 in August, and without a doubt, it is the best computer I have ever owned. The current iMac design is much more elegant than the previous ilamp model. My iMac runs pretty darn cool for a G5, usually never more than 130 degrees F. And my fans make a very gentle noise. It’s not as quiet as my laptops, but it’s very acceptable to me.

  7. just what i feel too.. give me front row and i will buy a new mac mini, but serious consider ur thoughts on imac again. the new one looks cool.. not as cute as the one before(i mean that little cube)with a screen on top but it sure looks nice, if only the screen is made a little more proportional to the size and thos epower problem/noise issues r gone..

  8. Front Row will most likely be available for purchase when a video Airport Express is released. Remember, Steve doesn’t believe the computer belongs in the living room, so this way, your computer stays where it is, and streams the content to your stereo, as it does now with the Airport Express, and to your tv, as it will with the enhanced video Airport Express. Until then we’ll have plenty of time to collect content.

    Also, the ElGato head is not going to be bringing PVR capability to Apple, otherwise he’d have gone to Cupertino. He’s heading the German office.

  9. I agree the Intel deal for Apple will better enable the potential for a Mini, but it’s not required for what they have going now. Intel has a reference platform the same size as the mini that they have been showing off and it is quite a bit more capable hardware-wise… it would be interesting to see what if anything Apple takes advantage of when the transition activates. I believe the new iMacs run a slightly different version of the OS – not that other machines could not… hopefully it will come in iLife. I’d definitely upgrade for it. My guess is that TV recorded by an EyeTV (into your /Movies) would work without issue in FrontRow.

    ElGato is an interesting one… their dev and HQ is Germany so I don’t necessarily agree that the move would have been to Cupertino — especially if they have some stealth deal with the existing ElGato team… who knows.

  10. I went over to the Apple store just to have a look at the new iMac. The store associates told me that the demand was pretty strong for these FrontRow iMacs.

  11. I was there last weekend to check them out along with the new iPods, but nothing had shipped yet…

    a 20″ display is great for the dorm room, kitchen or small apartment, but not for a a real home theater experience. We need the app and remote on other machines…

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