7 thoughts on “Ice-T Murders Da Mac”

  1. I’ve got Mac laptops that are twice as old this machine and in perfect condition. How did this guy bugger this machine this badly in the first place? Total carelessness.

    Given that there are millions of unemployed Americans, people losing their houses, this sort of Hollywood self-indulgence is simply offensive. A sharp 14 y.o. using teardown instructions from MacFixIt and 200 bucks in replacement parts probably could have put that machine back into sufficient condition for a student to do their homework on. Now it is just landfill, and all for the sake of what? Publicity? Ego? I’m rally not sure what the point was.

  2. Apple must be smiling all the way… It is only interesting because it’s a mac….. We wouldn’t care about a Dell at all, or it should involve a half naked Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

    1. I really hope he took that to the Apple store for a repair and got a video of it. That would be hilarious! Good to know Ice T is still alive and well, hadn’t seen much of him lately.

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