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  1. I can just see how to avoid fraud or spam.I believe that you can not keep things exclusive on Internet. But keeping any thing close does not track to success (exception Google mail). In quick time, sales folks will start advocating to “open up more” on their marketing book chapter “Expansion and Diversification Plan”.

    Only benefit I can see here is to avoid fraud or spam order.

  2. Om, you might want to give attribution to the original ideas when covering clone startups. In this case, Ideeli sounds like a direct clone of the French vente-privee.com.

    Since people figured out that vente-privee is such a success story (400 million euros, 30% margins…with only a French footprint), clones have been appearing all over Europe. And now, it appears, in the US as well.

  3. Yannick,

    Thanks for the heads up on vente-privee. Ironically we wrote about them but somehow it slipped my mind. I have updated the post to reflect your suggestion.

  4. That’s certainly shopping exclusivity! While the system appears to be organized, I’m curious to know more about it. Are the sale items only exclusive to the members or can anyone who stumbles upon it buy something at the discounted price?

  5. I like stuff like this. You almost feel privileged when you shop from an exclusive online store like this. That is actually a very good job of marketing from Ideeli. They will develop a loyal customer base with this method, even if they don’t get a load of people overall to shop from them.

  6. ideeli does get some great stuff, but the frequent emails make me feel spammed. you should really check out shop it to me (www.shopittome.com), which emails you when clothing you want goes on sale in your sizes at major and niche sites. plus–you get to specify how frequently you want to be emailed.

  7. invites are so annoying. every time i find an invite, it’s always expired. it’s too much work to find one.

    hautelook.com, for sure, though! thanks for the heads up. i don’t need an invite for that. :]

  8. Another happy girl here – I love these ‘private sale’ websites. I’ve been a member of vente-privee.com in France and in the UK and I can’t praise them enough. They only downside is delivery times. Other than that there are some really really nice clothes and accesories on there for very good prices. Feel free to use me sarahnewcastle123@hotmail.com as your referrer if you want to have a look.

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