12 thoughts on “If You Want To VoIP, Wait Before You Buy Nokia N96”

  1. Word in these parts (i.e. Espoo, Finland) is that Nokia’s forthcoming touchscreen phone is due out this quarter but is a bit rubbish. You should see the number of Nokia folks wandering around with their new iphones – even though they all get N95s for free.

  2. @om HELSINKI!

    I guess the question comes down to whether the power users that are the N-series demographic really care about VoIP. They certainly care about an out of the box tethering solution so that’s a huge loss. Can Nokia afford to lose more power users to the blackberry/iphone parade?

  3. I wouldn’t call Nokia too bureaucratic. They are, however, very large and very cautious. Anssi Vanjoki has stated that they will have touch devices across the product lineup, and at the E71/E66 launch, company reps seemed to refer to multiple touch devices due this year. At the very least, we will see the Tube – and I suspect this will happen sooner than most think. I think that’s going to be the main device for Nokia Comes With Music.

    Also, HTC isn’t tiny. It has over 50 percent of the WM market worldwide, and has easily been the most innovative WM phone maker.

    Just doing “touch” is, imo, pointless unless you do the UI well. Of the devices we’ve had here in Israel, HTC’s are the only ones that come remotely close to the iPhone experience. LG is far behind and Samsung’s touch UI is terrible. Hopefully, Nokia are waiting because they want to get this right.

  4. Om,
    Try using T9Nav (www.t9nav.com) on your N-series. It is still in beta but absolutely fantastic. It’ll probably make the iPhone menu navigation look slow and cumbersome 🙂

    Btw, I have absolutely no connection to T9Nav. I am just a genuinely delighted user of their app.


  5. Well said Didi…

    One of the reasons SE has taken so long with the Xperia is to get the UI right – typically one of the biggest complaint/problem area for WinMo devices. I had an opportunity to see a demo unit – definitely waiting… No other device comes close.

  6. @glu

    I agree with you that nokia needs those early adopters to keep the momentum going for these expensive devices. i think it be interesting to see how it shakes out. as a company they have some good ideas but execution is slow. I mean they want to compete in internet time, unfortunately their processes are still from another era. I have experienced it and the iPhone is one of those devices that can cause them problems of perception. I got Truphone working on an iPhone and that’s it. The N-series is sitting in a drawer somewhere without much usage. It used to be my big reason to carry a N95.

  7. The small battery, comparatively high price and cripple VoIP are all criteria that make the N96 much less attractive. Also, despite being announced with fanfares in Barcelona at the beginning of this year, it has still not made it out into the retail channel.

    Comparing the N96 with the E71 is an interesting exercise; the E71 *IS* available now (in both European and NA models), is considerably cheaper and has a HUGE battery with commensurate working time. The E71 has fully functional SIP VoIP and push e-mail, coupled with a very pleasing form factor with a very useable full QWERTY keypad.

    I suspect that the E71 will sell in very large numbers; the N96 (when it eventually arrives) probably will not!

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