119 thoughts on “Iminlikewithyou: Love in the time of Facebook”

  1. What a superb idea, Om…and can’t the women bid on the men?

    If so, you could find yourself more popular than you think…even if you are in your 30’s. 🙂

  2. of course women can bid on men, but this is a service skewed more towards women. because they are the ones who actually have more issues in the online dating scenario.

  3. I’m soooooooooo in like……..needing an invitation!

    a/k/a mischievous (definitely a flirt).

  4. oooh! neato 🙂 I’m in japan, and I can just tell this service would be a hit here – i think their mobile integration is also key.

    I’ll add another “hook me up” request – they’re going to be backlogged with gigaOM readers tho. they need a write-ups on some girl fashion blogs instead 🙂

  5. Interesting Service, big potential for viral adoptation…BTB, they have to shell some big bucks and buy a premium domain. The current name sucks!

  6. Invite status: guys i have requested the company and hopefully should have some tomorrow if they agree. shouldn’t be too many but will try and get them for all of you who requested.

  7. You get more points for answering quiz questions? How is that supposed to be realistic? In the real world, guys who sit around answering dorky web forms are NOT the sort of guys you want to be giving dating-points to.

    MySpace and Facebook are the best dating sites on the Internet… Everything else is just crap. This is a neat hack, but I doubt it will be any bigger than Consumating, OKCupid, etc… but then again, maybe these sites are big enough for a decent exit. As any member of the teens/20s set will tell you, very very very few people our age make use of dating sites – they are just considered to be terribly uncool.

    Flirting for the Facebook crowd = click “browse” on the Facebook menu bar, search for “Random Play”, and proceed to Poke. Sorry, but it doesn’t get any easier than that…

  8. For those of you interested in this type of Facebook and MySpace (and now Iminlikewithyou) culture, I highly suggest checking out this new website: SocialMoth (http://www.socialmoth.com). Om, this includes you!!

    This website allows people to hide under anonymity while posting feelings, secrets, and opinions on message boards. The more friends you have, the better chances you have for figuring out who has made what comments. You can stay up to date on new “info” through email alerts and everything! I’m addicted. I’m so addicted I have posted Social Moth’s website in my Facebook profile. See you there!

  9. ironically, Lulu, the socialmoth guys and iminlikewithyou guys were slammed in the back of a car together this weekend.

    thanks for the word though. are you the lola on the site?

  10. This smacks a little of 17th Century bride pricing to me! Can you bid for prima notte rights too?

    I do like that women get to be fought over again. I think it’s good for women and men to re-focus hook up culture into men competing for women.

  11. Ok, this was definitely created by guys, 🙂 If it were really geared to putting women in control, we’d get the option to bid or be bid on.

    Just kidding, but I think it’d be cooler if everybody could bid (unless I’m reading it wrong and you can?)

    Fun game! but i’m not entirely convinced this alone will make it successful. we’ll see!

  12. Oh poop, Om…if’n you and your 40-something “age-based compatriots” take “fabulous,”…what are us 50+ers supposed to use?…maybe “Fortunate 50’s!”?

    Gulp! 🙂

    ps Got a great new income generator for ya’…sell invite codes to all the cool new sites (just kidding).

  13. Om, I get how the bidding process works for the guys. What does the service look like for the women who’ve subscribed?

    Do they have the right to eject guys from the bidding/flirting process?

    Do they benefit from being bidded on? Do they get to keep those points? If so, what do they spend those on?

  14. Quite a long name, guess I got into the domain names very early in 1998. I own http://www.singlescanada.com, iamjustflirting.com is another great name of mine. I am launching a very exciting site on April 15th which puts all these ideas into one. Stay tuned
    Matchmaking Momma

  15. Love the bit about gin & tonics. My site is delivering highly targeted adverts promoting Barbie to a set of 1000 teenage boys who expressed a dislike for the Care Bears.

  16. this is the worst plug for a product i’ve ever read. to compare with facebook as the people who are going to re-invent flirting. OM you pasted your mark–ooO

  17. Not that I wouldn’t accept an invitation, but in the end, doesn’t this limit the number and/or quality of people who can use it? Right now, the site says “invite only, probably forever” – sooner or later, it’s gonna have to stop. (Example: I used to receive LinkedIn invitations every day, and I never signed up. That was two years ago. I got my first one since May 2006 yesterday.)

  18. I have been reading about this service all over the net and it sounds really interesting I’ll take in invite code if you still have some. Thanks!

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  20. It would be great if you can send me an invite. I’m almost as curious about this bidding for “like” as finding out how good I’m at it.

  21. I’d like to check this site out, how do I get an invite code?

    I found a site that’s kind of online dating, but also a little social networking called IamFreeTonight.com . You can do group/double dates with their wingman concept. Seems neat…and no invite code!

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  23. OMG im so curious about this site, it looks really great. Definitely a step up from facebook and myspace! =D

    Does anyone have any invites lying around that they could give me! I’d be eternally grateful!

  24. a little late but bettet than never….with the catching enthusiasm on the site wd like to chk it out….can u shoot an invite my way…..!!

  25. I’m late for the bandwagon, but would love an invite if anyone has one floating around. thx!

    micah4_1 at yahoo dot com

  26. Hey, please please please if anyone has spare invites… Could I please have one 🙂 garyimray [AT] gmail [DOT] com


  27. Can someone hook me up with an invite to



    dreamwalkn101 (at) yahoo (dot) com


  28. This looks very interesting, and it will no doubt do quite well right out of the closed beta just on the hype alone… speaking of which, I am really looking forward to bidding on Om…can anyone spare an invite?

  29. i need an invite for iminlikewithyou.com
    please e-mail me for any responses
    i had the idea for this type of site … can’t believe someone takes it away from me… us 🙁

    wish i had developers and designers to get my ideas into the market faster

    thank anyhows



  30. So basically I’m going to have to hit on a lot of ugly girls to save up points to hit on the hot girls.

    Excellent, just like real life. 😉

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