4 thoughts on “In Defense of Lance Ulanoff”

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  2. All valid points but a bit of FUD in there for good measure. Here’s what I do. I kept my PSTN line, but I got myself a outbound VoIP service from Yak.com. For $9.99 a month I get 600 minutes of no charge N.American calling (boht local and LD) plus access to some pretty low international rates. Since my program outbound service, I don’t get calls from the PSTN which is OK with me. I basically use it to reduce my long distance charges. I was paying 9 cents to Portugal now I pay 2 cents.

  3. umm am I the only one who thinks use voip and if something shjould go wrong power outtage or whatever to just use your cell? i see 10 yr olds with cell phones now.. even a prepaid emergency cell phone for back up.

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