3 thoughts on “In defense of the cable guys”

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaagh…..i am frightened to even attempt reading your blog……..seedhe saadhe buddhu hum. anyway- i couldnt access the exerpts of your book.

  2. Om – thanks for your compliments. However, for the record I’d like to make a correction – I’m not the David S. Isenberg of isen.com and ‘stupid network’ fame. I’m David A. Isenberg of no particular fame. You’re in good company – network savvy people often make the mistake. Full disclosure: I do work in the cable industry, but not for one of the big operators.

  3. Just a quick clarification on DSL Providers and deployed gateways.ððThe leading DSL Providers, do in fact, offer integrated gateways and home networking services to consumers at a minimum charge.ððI work for 2Wire and we have over 1 million gateways deployed solely through DSL Providers.ðð In addition, all of these providers offer enhanced services through our gateways (eg parental controls, remote access, enhanced firewall, etc).ððBy deploying intelligent gateways the DSL Providers are well positioned to offer expanded services in data, voice, and media.

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