8 thoughts on “In Ohio, AT&T U-verse Is Having Problems”

  1. u-verse doesn’t scale, AT&T discretionary CAPEX will seem short sighted given the upcoming broadband speed wars to capture and retain broadband users. in the end they’ll have to build out anyway, but will be behind the curve, i’d buy Verizon FIOS in a usec if it was available in SF. unfortunately we’re sunk locally.

  2. my sites admin password not working. I need goood sleep and travel. I am going to meet all my friends and messaging them to all….

  3. Hey George, there are plenty of things to complain about when it comes to U-verse. 1st, the way they don’t deliver PEG channels. 2nd, they don’t provide closed captioning, even though they are required to do so by federal law. 3rd, they cannot provide Federal or State Emergency Alert, even though required by federal law. 4th, their download + upload speeds are a joke. 5th, they only build to wealthy neighborhoods. I can keep going…it’s all been a lovely ride.

  4. HEY George,


    I was told my Inet would be a T1…evidently the “T” being a piece of wire streched between two TIN cans. On the other hand the TV picture is clear as a bell when its not pixelating, screen freezing, and going to black with a “poor quality signal” message on it. The upside is that one of our two phones works “all the time” with a downside being the mess the ELEVEN count em, eleven techs, the last one a supervisor, open wire mess they left behind them.

    Incidently if you intend to keep Uverse and want internet speed go to USB and use Firefox. The ATT buggy Yahoo browser never has worked right even with DSL.

    But you’re right George rather than complaining any longer my next phone call will be “Hello ATT. Come get your junk out of my house!”

  5. Look out: After I signed the contract, U-verse poached my phone number (without my permission) away from my ISP, Time Warner, before they discovered they couldn’t do an install at my house (older non-grounded electrical plugs). After the first failed attempt to install, during which the tech didn’t discover the problem, my phone service with my old ISP disappeared, rerouted to a non-existent connection. The second install attempt discovered the problem, ATT just said “sorry” and walked away. Now I’m without home telephone for two weeks while Time-Warner drags its feet getting my digital phone hooked up again, at an extra charge and in a more expensive package.

    Nothing like being gang-raped by a couple of giant corporations.

    Worthwhile noting that the poor UVerse tech was left on hold by his own company for over 20 minutes. It took me an hour (of cell phone minutes) to get anyone to complain to when I discovered my phone had been disconnected and re-routed into cyberspace.

    A plague on both their houses.

    Austin, TX

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