3 thoughts on “In the world of DNS servers, US is king”

  1. I noticed the referenced article only included .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info TLDs. Without ccTLDs (country specific), the conclusion that the US is king is based on pretty weak data. I am not saying it would not prove to be if the were included, but this just seems horribly incomplete.

  2. It’s more flawed than that. Their basis is ‘hosted domain names’, and 90% of .com domains receive somewhere between zero and marginal traffic. Thus, this is more a measure of where speculators host/buy their domains, and nothing else.

  3. Y’know, Om .. most of the top DNS servers (by that, I assume you mean “nameservers”) are controlled by so-called “domain tasters”, or as Godaddy’s Bob Parsons prefers it, “domain kiters”

    Kiters register, drop and then re-register hundreds of thousands of domains at a time .. all to milk them for pay per click traffic and arbitrage domain renewal fees. And possibly sell one of those squatted domain names to some poor schlub who actually wants it but is simply human rather than an automated script at a tasting company.


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