5 thoughts on “In Zend (And PHP) We Invest”

  1. This is definetely a nice summary of the history of PHP and how it came to where it is. It is certainly a stronghold on the market these days and shows little signs of going anywhere any time soon. Zend has become quite a bit pricy but I imagine they’ll go down with fierce competition from j2ee around the corner, and perl 6 coming out.

  2. Personally I found very little increase with PHP and Zend, I have found Fast-CGI way better. Maybe I wasn’t in the right environment. I am sure they will do well as PHP keeps growing.

    But I have to say after checking out ruby for rails I am switching over. Ruby has all the reason for me to switch from PHP that I had when I switch from Perl to PHP. The simplicity is amazing with Ruby and then Rails blows my mind. Just check out some of their videos: http://www.rubyonrails.org/screencasts

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