9 thoughts on “Indian Broadband Battles Continue”

  1. well, metered broadband is like giving people a ferrari but only for 10 miles a day at 20 mph speeds. the cost is not an issue, it is more of an attitude. If costs were an issue, the Baby Bells wouldn’t have introduced flat price DSL to the market and would have found a way to squeeze us.

  2. Yeah ! sure, there were those dark ages when getting a phone line involved years of waiting & praying … but the comment made by you is unjustified in the light of the giant leaps made the Mobile industry in India thanks in great measure due to proactive steps by the regulator in aggresively pushing policies that ensure lower prices to consumers thereby driving adoption

    Am sure you can dismiss these growth pangs in the Broadband industry and look at what is possible a year or so down the line (even the mobile industry started with rates of about 45 cents per minutes and the same is now down to about 3 cents per minute !!!

  3. Check out Tom Evslin’s v.interesting post on the attractiveness of “flat-rate” or “all you can eat” pricing to both consumers and service providers:

    If you can find a way to price a service at a flat monthly rate, you can make a better profit per customer and attract more customers than if your pricing is based on reading a meter. You also save a fortune in detailed billing, dispute resolution, and issuing credits…

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  5. We have the same problem here in lebanon. Big headed officials seem to see internet as a luxury and a gold mine to cover the deficit budget.
    Internet is much more than that. It’s an indicator of the willingness of the country to accept new technologies and attract new businesses.
    Soon there will be ka-band satellite bidirectionnal broadband, and all you’ll need for cheap broadband anywhere in the world will be a 70cm wide dish.
    Do these idiots really expect us to be paying 400 times the rate of developped coutries forever?

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