4 thoughts on “Indian broadband market moves at dial-up speeds”

  1. BSNL broadband has a ridiculous limit of 400mb download limit for one month. When the world is getting into IPTV India is getting into low end DSL.
    I think we should build the latest infrastructure as the European Telecoms are doing.

  2. agreed. Atleast the big tech hubs should get into something like FTTP. The old cities wimax/wireless mesh(aka tropos mesh) sounds much better.


    PLEASE take a look at this link!!! After reading that, I CAN certify that Broadband in India is YET to come!! Maybe 15 years from now!!!!!!
    To give a Gist of the article, the user is wondering whether or not to take a 1GBPS broadband connection from a new provider!! Because he feels his current 100MBPS connection is fine and he doesn’t want to change his friggin’ NUMBER!!!


    READ it and be merry!! TRAI -> You ARE fools to call 256 kbps BROADBAND (that kbps btw my fellow suffering indians… = 32KBPS 8 bits=1 byte)!!!!!!!!

    Oh did I mention DOWNLOAD LIMITS????? If the poor dude in the articly had to pay lets after say a 100 GB download…he could’ve only used the net for ONE DAY!!!

    ARGGGHHHH…Why are we indians world class fools?

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