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  1. Any idea as to how much MTNL will charge for their broadband expected to be rolled out in Jan 2005? Will htere be unlimited down loads and will it be as good as other providers such as Reliance, SIfy and Hathway. Not happy with Hathway putting a limit on down loads.

  2. Yes,
    Most of the private operators put a download limit fo some kind. Hope MTNL doesnt does it.

    Currently I am using MTNL montly connection for Rs 770 and it seems the best option available currently.

    Though we have problem in about 3-4 days in a month but else is perfectly good.

    The speed is about 41.2 kbps and usually runs smooth but 3-4 dyad in a month are sure disturbing.
    But the downloading is unlimited and rocks.

    And I am sure that it will be a unmetred downloading, U ask Y ??

    MTNL has given ADSL2+ contract to Hutchinson which provides a Ethernet DSL access.

    Read below to know how the system has been designed for no limit download :

    About Ericsson’s Ethernet DSL Access Solution

    Ericsson’s Ethernet DSL Access – designed to allow operators achieve mass market DSL – offers a flexible, scalable and powerful IP DSLAM supporting installations ranging from a handful of subscribers to large site deployments.

    The solution is designed without concentration in the DSLAM to ensure high-capacity throughput and no end-user limitations. By avoiding concentration in the DSLAM and connecting directly to an Ethernet aggregation network, the solution enables high bandwidth-demanding services to be supported, while at the same time reducing transport costs radically. This is a key advantage for an operator to secure their ability to compete in terms of price, bandwidth and service offering.

    Ethernet DSL Access dramatically alters the economics of rolling out DSL and enables operators to address potential broadband subscribers profitably.

    Read more about Ericsson’s Ethernet DSL Access at:


    Er. Gurpreet Singh (B.E)
    CEO Sukhmani Software
    New Delhi

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