4 thoughts on “ launches”

  1. Not to mention that it uses JS. Wonka javascript as detection, which is considered to be a possible malicious virus by pretty much every antivirus company. And they open the window without toolbars or any browser navigation available — bad form!

  2. How novel – an open beta in 2005 that doesn’t use Ajax! Maybe they are going for a retro kind of Y2K look and feel? I had a quick look, but found it too awful to persevere. I still have no clear idea of what makes them “better” than other news monitors.

  3. Well, if you would visit the site or 10000 other similar sites which, automatically detect the installed plug-ins on the remote clients your anti virus would alert that the site is infected with JS/Wonka which is not definitely true!

    There is simply no other way to detect installed plug-ins on the remote clients without using JavaScript.

    I would recommend to find yourself a better anti-virus software and not such a cheep one which, could differ between those cases.
    One day, may wisdom defeat ignorance :))

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