5 thoughts on “Instagram and Me: 3 years later, a love affair continues”

  1. Hey Om, I’d love for you to take a look at our app @SocialSafe – it creates a local backup of all your Instagrams (complete with likes and comments) for peace of mind. Sure nothing serious going to happen to Instagram but glitches can happen, and what if you were offline and needed to find which of your followers commented about almost joint NeXT? SocialSafe enables you to search through all comments easily and we’re adding a brilliant set of instagram insights very soon. Would love to know what a power Instagram user thought of SocialSafe. Cheers, Pascal

  2. Nice article and a lot of great photos. It seems that you love Instagram like we do at getpicpack.com 🙂

  3. Om, very thoughtful piece. This is why I read your posts regularly. “A chance to just find a slice of emotion and share it with others” is a great way of describing social sharing in a personal way.

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