18 thoughts on “Instagram updates app to focus on consumption. A business model emerges?”

  1. As an IG’er with 2500+ photos, the option to migrate all geo data, delete all geo data, or check/uncheck each photo on the iPhone during only a single session was daunting. I ended up deleting all the data, regretting it, but seeing no better way to not geo tag the inside of friends’ homes, my home during GPOYW’s, and similar things. I wish there had been some middle ground here of multiple session support to enable/disable, support for a larger web browser interface to make the process of going through 2500+ photos quicker, or something. I was very mad, sad and frustrated with my options and ended up pulling the geo-suicide trigger.

  2. After reading you, I seriously feel, Instagram would give competition to Twitter. Is there any better way, Twitter could give counter to them?

    I’ve been ignoring Twitter’s inline photo sharing service, seriously I don’t like it instead I use Twitpic and Instagram, and tell my story.

    1. Twitter has ignored some of the core things for so long that it makes me wonder what are they doing out there. I feel the company is not understanding the communication aspect of photos as well.

      Regardless, Instagram will be quite a threat especially once the integration with Facebook is done. Definitely with watching

  3. Can anyone explain why the updates version of instagram causes photo comments to disappear.. It’s extremely frustrating and angers me. I would really like to go back to instagram 2.O.. Help

    1. This morning again all my photo comments disappeared within an hour. I had to do them again.
      Please INSTAGRAM remove the bug and submit a corrected update version .

    2. omg what should i do?? i miss 4 comments they disappear and im confused whats wrong with yoou stuff? i need help come on ! nnnnnnow!!!!!

  4. Many instagram users tell me they have the same problems ! Does anybody know if INSTAGRAM is aware of it and are they doing anything to fix the problem ?

  5. I am also having the same problem my photo comments just disappeared when I refresh or reload the photo, its been happening to me for a while now since I got the new version of instagram, does anybody know how to fix this?

    1. Does anyone possibly have any news on this? I am ALSO having the same issue as of yesterday – replies/comments on my own photos disappear after a few seconds. Extremely annoying. I tried downloading an Instagram update and restarting my phone but it didn’t help. I’m an Android user, my friends who all have iPhones are not experiencing this issue. Is there a bug with the Android for Instagram version or for both?

  6. I have the same problem i write a comment and it just automaticly goes away and other people cant see my comments and neither can i so ANNOYING!!!

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