2 thoughts on “Intel, Alcatel in WiMAX hook-up”

  1. You know my position on WiMAX (ie. its crap), but I think the real story here is massive price deflation.

    Lots of caution was expressed on the last day of CTIA from mobile execs re:mobile broadband.

    The fact that 3 technology groups are viaing for the next round of capex is good news for carriers.

    CDMA vs. WiMAX(802.16) vs. Mobile-Fi(802.20)

    Basically we may have to way an extra 12-18mos, but ultimately subscribers are going to have CHEAP mobile broadband.

    It looks like the guys at S&P have begun to re-think telecom debt again. I’ve been saying that the current telecom rebound is the eye of the storm, the worst is yet to come for them.

    see: http://biz.yahoo.com/rf/040326/telecoms_regionalbells_s_p_1.html

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