5 thoughts on “Intel and Microsoft are taking their mobile baby steps”

  1. When you’re taking baby steps into an industry that is already reaching maturity…. it doesn’t bode well for your success.

    Both Intel and Microsoft are 5-10 years too late on mobile.

    1. I’m not so sure if it’s that mature.
      For example my personal experience:
      Gmail multiple edits of draft over different devices might delete edits
      Every Android device seem to have a different idea where Draft on imap is and can’t be assigned
      Google docs is fine with edits over time from multiple devices but can’t handle tables on all

      In other words we are a long way from seamless creation on mobile. Plenty of space for someone to take over seamless creation and run with it. Albeit I have my doubts it will be MS.

      Or don’t trust the “reviewers”.
      Dave Winer:
      “You only learn where a product needs improvement through serious long-term use. Users gain that kind of experience, but reviewers and pundits generally do not. Their observations tend to be superficial. That’s why reviews written after a few days using a product often miss the mark. The real greatness or lack of greatness in a product doesn’t show up for a few weeks or months. Sometimes even longer.”

    2. I remember Intel Ex CEO Andy Groove saying “Only the Paranoid survive” it seems to me that Intel underestimated the shift to mobile quite a bit. It took some time for them to adjust their product strategy accordingly. They are making some progress and you should not underestimate the that it is not only about the chip design but manufacturing capabilities. I think that is the real strength of Intel. The are ahead of all chip manufacturer.

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