One thought on “Intel develops an 802.11 everything chip”

  1. I don’t know why everybody is so sold on 802.11 technology. The laptops containing this chip have to be taken to Wi-Fi Hot spots in Sun, Rain, Snow, sleet or other stormy weather. Some big cities, like New York have created these Hot Spots in some of their Parks like Central Park and many high rise buildings have subscribed to hot spot service for the convenience of their tenants. But many cities like the Orlando City has balked at providing at subscribing to this service for the benefit of their residents. Wi-Fi is benefitting only the restaurants because it helps them keep selling their high priced coffee.

    The new 3G generation, in which the Cell phone service is based on 3G Spectrum (2000 MHz frequencies) makes it so unnecessary that One should need the Laptops equipped with 802.11 Chips. Instead the Internet Infrastructure should be redesined so that the roles of the clients and servers are totally changed. The new role of the clients would be to send clients to the Servers that would not be required to send any documents or files back to the Clients. Instead the Servers would process all commands received from the clients.

    When this Internet Infrastructure is developed there would be no need for any desktop or laptop personal computers, let alone 802.11 chip incorporated Laptops. There would be no need for expansive cell phones that have hard disks or for cell phones that have features that enable them to send email or to download. Downloading causes so much pain to the Music Industry. It causes the theft of what music Industry calls Inteelectual property.

    All that one would need ,to surf the internet, is a cell phone that can send text messages.. The servers can service many clients (really Cell Phones) and hence the multitasking can be introduced. The government spent a lot money in the form of grants. It could not be used since the clients have no need for multitasking. The Servers would need multitasking if the new Infrastructure is developed. The internet service would become superfast since the CPU would not remain idle between ticks waiting for client instructions as is presently the case.

    This new Infrastructure would end the careers of Hackers and spammers since the Server would record the telephone numbers of all the cell phoes sending commands to servers or would record the digital address of all the personal Computers that are used. Only last week Military Computers were hacked and credit Card computers were hacked whereby the personal data of 40 Million persons were stolen. It has to be stopped. It’ll only stopped if everybody writes to the credit card companies and the cell phone manufacturers to support financially the efforts to support the development of the new infrastructure.

    The work is described in the following Blogs:

    The credit Card Companies and the manufacturers of cell phones can reach me by e-mail at

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