2 thoughts on “Intel loses out Console Chip Game”

  1. More interestingly, for broadband in particular, is that the new consoles don’t share a next generation media format. Sony, of course, is pushing Blu-Ray but the clear indicator seems to be that the format won’t matter because bits are bits.

    I think HD-DVD and Blu-Ray aren’t going to be anywhere near as big as DVD. People are going to download their content and use discs to burn copies.

    That both HD capable next gen consoles have differing media requirements whill make that more certain. Why ship two flavors of DVD at vast expense when you can distribute online for free peer-2-peer?

  2. Intel should be applauded for maintaining a laser focus on enhancing and protecting their (and shareholder) profit margins. If IBM wants to waste shareholder money in pursuit of an ego trip (“IBM Inside”), shame on them.

    How on earth does this move into the game console sector benefit IBM overall? What leverage does it provide into other, more profitable markets?

    Does Intel has their eye on some other, more profitable, portion of IBM’s processor chip market?

    — Jack Krupansky

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