17 thoughts on “Interview with 37Signals' Jason Fried”

  1. Cool jason.

    The future of work is dependant on what you done rather than how or howlong you done and in whattime you have done.

    May this cult also follow in india.

  2. Working remotely is ok if you have the “right” kind of employees/people. As a result, hiring becomes a key part of getting that kind of right person.

    Changing a person’s behavior (who is used to going to an office) to working from home and having milestones is very different indeed.

    Perhaps working remotely is cool (and more natural) with twentysomethings (and early thirtysomethings) but will be harder but not impossible for the older folks

  3. I use Campfire, paid version. Somethings I like, but some are very annoying. 1) Why can’t I double click a user-name to bring up a chat window if I have something private to say. The need to use a second app for this is ridiculous. 2) Beeps are good, but there should be the ability to trigger them with keywords (eg. my name) so I don’t have to look every time someone posts. 3) Way too little info on a page — things should be squeezed together more without so much empty space. 4) Why only three files at any time? Once they disappear from the top-3 list, they’re impossible to find, unless you happen to remember which date they were posted. Why’s it so hard to delete a file after it’s been posted? The platform is stable and usable, and if it were free, I’d say “take what you get,” but for a paid platform, I think the things I ask for are pretty basic. Jason — if you’re interested, I can show you a different free group chat app I’ve used (but not with the group I currently work) that does all the above and more.

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