10 thoughts on “Introducing GigaOM Daily”

  1. Good luck with this effort! I tried to do something similar, not going to bother linking to the site, that would be too spammy of me.

    Anyway, one of the problems you’ll run into is unless you have a huge number of editors contributing, you’ll get burned out quite easily.

    I have too much on my plate right now to contribute to this project, but maybe some time in the future.

    Again, good luck Om!

  2. Om, great stuff but I confess to being a little troubled by the statement that “Many of our readers and sources have lamented that they have to read the full story when the real information can be wrapped up in two lines.” Is this how far we’ve sunk? Reading a whole article is too much of a hassle? Didn’t we criticize President Reagan for getting all of his information on 3×5 index cards? Was The Economist right when they asked “Is Google making us stoopid?” a few weeks ago?

    Hopefully this flood of info-snippets that reach us 24×7 on our multiple mobile devices will not preclude our ability to drill into more detail so that we can ascertain when the headlines are misleading.

  3. @ kevin

    I think the comment was more to the “commodity news” than anything else. Why wade through a re-written press release unless you have something to add. A press release has typically two lines of real information.

    To be honest, I would rather spend my time writing stuff that is more detailed and analytical and adds value to you, and acknowledges that you are spending time with us in expectation of good quality/

  4. If you have interesting things to say and “new” insights, people will read you. There is just way too much recycling and “me too” stuff happening. If you are running out of things to say its always good to jump on many bandwagons to keep people interested. But for how long? Doing one thing really well has always worked.

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