18 thoughts on “Introducing The GigaOM Pulse”

  1. marry the pulse with your real-time streaming of drafts, posts, comments, wikis, calendars, etc and you got yourself a GigaOm “wave”….

    1. LOL well that would be a tsunami personally don’t think media companies should open up that much it would be way too much info to consume put am sure it would help the next gen of writers though to understand the complexities and thought process of the biz 😉

  2. wow thats awesome guys looks nice a pretty neat twitter aggregater few things missing but looking fwd to the code opening up so i can play around with it 🙂

      1. om would like to see pagination for the history of the tweets and also tweets streamed with the date when the tweet stream for the day ends and the new one begins that would help in clubbing the activity of the day together in the stream itself and make it easy for us to grasp what a gigaom employees day feels like 🙂 also how abt an rss feed for the latest 10 entries on gigaom pulse

  3. When is the Gigaom podcast comming back!! You can keep your tweets, twits, twats or whaterver you call them

  4. contributing to the wish list: how about an iPhone app for Gigaom — pulse can be an interesting part of that. rather than the app replicating the online content, it could be a mobile ‘pulse’ of the gigaom nation and lead users to read the referenced posts if they’d like otherwise they get their byte sized snacking – untethered…

  5. I’d like an RSS Feed of the Pulse.

    I think it’s a fundamental characteristic that’s missing.

    It’d be nice to sort by person & responsibilities as well, aside from being sortable by (Stream/Today/This Week/This Month). It would add greater functionality.

    Also, love that you put this up.

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