21 thoughts on “Introducing the Talented Mr. Rupley”

  1. I really wish i lived on the west coast….. ;p

    I wanna write for you! but no, we just happen to live on the boring side of the US.

  2. Sebastian, good to see you here. Could you, perhaps, work on ameliorating the site’s extreme anti-ISP bias?

  3. Sebastian Rupley from PCMagcast,what`s the topic this time?,Security!! HeHe.Good Luck to Sebastian on his landing of a cushy job with Om.

  4. Sebastian Rupley is a class act– and a wonderful foil to Dvorak! Those two make a good team– like Burns and Allen, Redford & Newman, or Batman and Robin.

    Sebastian is thoughtful, smart, friendly, self-effacing, and polite–a winning and rare combination. GigaOM is truly lucky to have him!

    Now, if I can just figure out what GigaOM is! 🙂

  5. Congrats on the great hire. Would it be too nitpicky to say another thing Sebastian could do is copyedit blog posts to catch typos like the one in your last graph (“lots” doesn’t have an apostrophe).

    Michelle Rafter

  6. Sebastian is witty and an engaging writer. He will be an asset to your organization, and we’re all the better for his having joined.

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