4 thoughts on “iPhone 3.0 Revs Up Apple Payments Systems”

  1. Steve Jobs: Is this man is deranged? Why does this Steve Jobs think everything which can be monetized needs to be monetized? Since everything which can be monetized by Steve Jobs and APPLE CORP must withheld until it is, developers (both Apple and third-party) are left with ROADBLOCKS and we the users are left with NON-FUNCTIONALITY whilst Steve Jobs and his lawyers and accountantss work out hysterically irrelevant financials details for themselves!

    I love my 3G iPhone, but I am so sick of being f***** time and time again by Steve Jobs and his overbearing marketing tactics each and every time I try to get something DONE with my Apple computers!

    Case and POINT: I bought a kickass pair of Bluetooth A2DP stereo headphones last week. Lo and behold, our $1,000 iPhone 3Gs don’t support bluetooth headphones! Apparently iPhone 3Gs support A2DP bluetooth from a hardware standpoint, but evidently Steve Jobs has just decided not to ‘enable’ this in the iPhone’s OS! He just couldn’t work out the financial details with vendors in time, I presume. So now I have a $1,000 bluetooth phone that can’t play friggin music through bluetooth earbuds. How hysterical! GOSH, THANKS STEVE! I guess I’ll just forget audio and read a book instead. Oh I can’t buy books in Kindle! OH THANKS STEVE! I’ll drive to B&N and buy a book. Oh wait! I can’t get to B&N because Steve Jobs has PROHIBITED me from having turn-by-turn directions! THANKS STEVE!

    1. To be fair, SOOO many other phones have all these functionalities plus the benefits of the iPhone, and for LESS! You get what you get because, as with all Apple products, the things that ARE functional work 100% for almost any user. When Apple can guarantee the experience for additional features, they get turned on. People who don’t like Apple’s “withholding” mindset can freely go back to Palm, Nokia or Sony-Ericsson handsets with their abysmal menus and suck-ass web interfaces.

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