10 thoughts on “Is Apple Getting Ready for a Full Recall of the iPhone 4?”

  1. Om, I don’t know about a full recall but I now believe Apple will offer any customer a replacement model. I happened to write on my site (ahem) that Apple has dropped about $10 billion in market cap this week.

    It’s a major screw-up, but very smart that they are (likely) to act so fast to end this.

  2. Reality is outpacing the Draconian Apple PR machine.

    If Bloomberg report is true, and Apple knowingly sold defect product to Consumers, no press conference or recall will alter the criminal court case they are on a trajectory for.

    FTC has a clear definition of “Unethical or unscrupulous conduct” prosecution of which cannot be dodged by a public company’s officers and management.

      1. Our collective geek opinion of the product’s technical merits are totally irrelevant. Its a matter of ethics.

        Case would be totally focused on human behavior, the actual device would never even be entered as evidence.

        Was Mr. Jobs told of the defect, yes or no?
        If yes, did Mr. Jobs intentionally take no action to correct the defect and release the product for sale to Consumers, yes or no?
        If yes, reference the fiduciary duty language in his employment contract.

      2. wow, talk about an Apple fanboy. “Superior” in this case is a very subjective term, and there are plenty of knowledgeable people out there that could easily argue the inferiority of this device (but marketing trumps knowledge any day). Of course, it all depends on the perspective taken (if all you’re looking at is sales, ease of hacking, the number of fanatics, and simplicity (a.k.a. the restrictiveness of the device and ecosystem), then yes, the iPhone is superior. If you’re looking at true innovation, open ecosystems, pro-consumer, hardware performance, system functionality (like proper multi-tasking, cloud-synchronization, etc) then the iPhone is inferior and in fact playing catch-up in many regards. This device (and the new one is no different) is mostly a copy of features many other platforms already had/have. The original device’s main “innovation” was in the usability/design (which in all fairness was a huge thing), and the new device’s “innovation” is facetime (and Nokia has been doing 2-way video for a long time)… that’s it. One would be hard pressed to find features that didn’t already exist in a BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm/WebOS, or Android phone (but due to marketing and fanatics, these other platforms don’t get any such credit).

  3. ‘I suspect Apple and AT&T are going to waive the restocking fee in this case.’

    From Apple’s July 2 release
    ‘As a reminder, if you are not fully satisfied, you can return your undamaged iPhone to any Apple Retail Store or the online Apple Store within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.’

  4. @Tim Nash
    That statement is an arrogant one and one that is not acceptable for a large Corporation such as Apple. Imagine checking into the Bob Hope suite at the Bellagio Hotel and for whatever reason you find the sheets to be too coarse or the bed to be too firm for your taste. So, you call down to the desk and they tell you, “If you are not happy, you can just check out now and not be charged.”
    Rule #1 The customer is always right
    Rule #2 if there is a conflict, refer to rule #1

  5. The great thing about this is we’ll all find out tomorrow what Apple has planned.

    As for cost, CNET has estimated a full recall would cost Apple approximately 3% to 4% of cash on hand. Relatively speaking, a recall would be a blip on Apple’s books.

    At this point it’s clear that the iPhone 4 suffers from a design flaw and that Apple knew about it prior to the device shipping. Bumpers, duct-tape (Consume Reports), etc., will rectify the issue, but for those that feel they purchased a defective device, those band-aids transform the phone into something they didn’t sign-up for.

    At this point Apple is obviously working a modified version of the iPhone 4 that will not suffer the antenna issue. The best thing Apple could do tomorrow is tell the world that when it’s available, existing iPhone 4 owners will be able to swap their old units for the new phone if they wish. Until then a little duct-tape couldn’t hurt…

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