8 thoughts on “iPhone, Web Offer Lonely Planet A New Life”

  1. it seems to start at the top. if the chief executive of the AP or other news publications had visions for their company that Matt Goldberg has, we would probably be hearing a different tune in the media regarding the mainstream publishers. but they don’t have such visions and are stuck in yesterday. adapt to change or fade away…

    great to hear the good news Om.

    – jason nadaf

  2. I always wonder if general news sites can do the same. Travel industry is great for such news – but would political news publication for example benefit from such tools enough to save it from doom?

  3. I haven’t bought a Lonely Planet travel book for a long time. Last time I went to Carribean Island, I downloaded a chapter of the book for 2-3 dollar instead of buying the whole book. It is great because I am not going to use the rest of the book anyway. Glad to hear there is more innovation coming on the way. I’m looking forward to pay for useful content again soon.

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