6 thoughts on “IPO, M&A Boosting Venture Capital Fortunes”

  1. Good to see this rising trend. If venture funds can start to increase returns – then more funds will materialize – which then means more companies coming out and innovating. And they will have access to the capital to pull it off!

  2. Hi Om

    This is very timely information, as we are gearing to run our first Tech IPO event on 8th Nov 2010 in Manchester, UK. More information on http://www.techcelerate.org/nov10. You will also see from my short article http://manojranaweera.com/2010/10/02/north-west-top-region-for-ipos that IPOs aren’t that hot in the North West, so the intention is to stimulate the conversation.

    Having said that FreshTL quietly listed on the plus market and Daisy Plc listed last year through a reverse takeover.

    Lot of work to do turn the north west to a tech hub.

    Best regards

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