2 thoughts on “iPod scares Walkman from the dead”

  1. Virtually everyone thinks they’re going to create an iPod killer and take significant market share away from Apple. Yeah right. Its too late, Apple has the mind share and it only got better with iPod Nano today (Om Malik may not be too impressed by Nano, but lots of “mere mortals” who are not techno geek digeratis are already hooting and hollering).

    Lots of businesses can create an MP3 player from COTS hardware and some glue know-how. With enough fiscal resources and hardware (which Sony has), the hardware is essentially a no-brainer.

    Its the software stupid. Plain and simple.

    Sony does not have iTunes because Sony’s deep-rooted culture going back Akio Morita has never been in software. Sony has practically always licensed others’ software (Windows for its PCs, General Magic Magic Cap for then nascent PDAs, Palm OS for now dead Clié).

    Microsoft has deep-rooted software roots of course, but why did they miss the boat on a killer MP3 player like the iPod? One could argue that Microsoft doesn’t really get it when it comes to both hardware and human user interfaces (both physical and virtual). And they’re busy running around doing a gazillion other things (PocketPC, Outlook, Office, Cairo cum Vista (whoops, we missed that one by a decade), TabletPCs, ad infinitum.

    What’s cool is that Jobs understands human interfaces like very few. Who is Sony’s visionary? Morita may have been as close as they got to having a visionary in the past 20 years. Gates and chair-throwing-Balmer can lock in IT people, but they don’t understand how to cross sell to a mass audience with sex appeal. Job is essentially a genius rock star who has sucked a ton of people into his cult which has morphed from computers to digital music players.

    Oh, yeah, and why does iTunes and the iTunes store work well with iPod? Because, ummmm, Steve had this company called NeXT that created from scratch avant garde user interfaces that most people were willing to write off (e.g., G. Pascal Zachary who was writing Steve’s epitaph in the Wall St. Journal in the early 1990s).

    I wonder if Scoble was in diapers when NeXT was quietly doing great work and Sony was licensing Magic Cap? Oh Scoble, its time for your history lesson young lad.

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