8 thoughts on “Is Geo-Local the Answer to the Local Advertising Quandary?”

  1. How much of this might get replaced by AdWords? Google’s already got a huge number of local businesses advertising with them, and they’ve got location aware search on mobile devices. If they added offers as an ad-unit that local businesses could purchase (setting location/etc. filters), that could be damaging to the other players in the space. Since search intent on mobile captures a pretty high intent-to-purchase, offers might be even more valuable to consumers than on the web.

  2. @Om,

    I not only agree with Sutha’s comments regarding the AdWords and its’ huge scale in local markets, but i’ll also add that Facebook likely has millions (if not 10’s of millions) of local businesses with a presence on Facebook. Just as Google can connect AdWords with mobile, Facebook can do the same with mobile AND their recently launched Facebook Places. Respectfully, I’d say most of the other players are not very likely to succeed.

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  3. I agree somewhat with Sutha and Curtis. But I wouldn’t say there isn’t a space for others to succeed. Maybe not in a Google or Facebook way (as in a multi billion $ business). But there is certainly space for niche players, where the niche markets can be worth several 100 of millions of $.

    Each of these sites have different target populations. The Facebook social graph is certainly different from the Twitter, Foursquare, or Qype one (leader in Europe). Smart advertisers will be keen to spend their $ on the networks with the best ROI for them.

    In addition to the need-based approach mentioned above, personalization will also play a big role in making this happen. The ability for a global advertiser to become relevant at a local level means they have to understand individual users’ taste as well as where they are. The personalization magic is what we enable at LikeCube. We can use checkins, ratings, reviews, lon/lat and other form of user generated content to predict places people might like. We wrote a post about this topic here: http://likecube.squarespace.com/blog/2010/6/18/where-next-for-location-marketing.html

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