14 thoughts on “Is Hadoop Champion Cloudera the Next Red Hat?”

      1. I confused their announcement about vCloud API integration with an enterprise product itself. I cross checked and this is their first commercial product.

  1. Interesting, More action in data mining. However this round could see more traction for the
    new players rather than traditional data mining biggies . Could be interesting times to come.
    Reminds me of how the internet changed the dynamics of the computing and left many client server
    companies confused.

  2. Oh for G*ds sake!

    Map/ Reduce or hadoop or whatever is only applicable for very large datasets where the shared nothing approach tends to do well [i know, i did a PhD on this topic] . Hence it’s applicable to 1% of the data management problems out there – if we are very generous. The usual suspects – social networks, defense, etc. would probably be but to name a few.

    To Compare CLoudera to Redhat – an operating system vendor which has wide applicability to the data center – for all – not just for those with massive data volumes, is preposterous!

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