5 thoughts on “Is Jajah dead? Well, depends on who and what you ask”

  1. …”but then again, no one really listens to me”…Why this? Useless, Om. You don’t need to put youself as a “victim” – We (already) know the strength of your analysis 🙂

  2. michaelhttp://pro.gigaom.com/?goauth_start=1&goauth_service=twitter&goauth_action=login&loc=/?goauth_action=closewindow&type=authenticate says:

    Some of us listen, and a few of us even agree.

  3. They have robbed me 15 euros. I did not realise that this was happening and when I did, they did no responded, so I think I am not getting a refund. Hope they have what I think they deserve, on both sides.

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