8 thoughts on “Is the online ad boom over?”

  1. Om,

    Yaho-ouch is Fantastic. If not a secret poll, which one did you pick ??? 🙂
    I have also submitted your Poll to Slashdot, and its still pending, lets see what netizens have to say.


  2. who still uses yahoo? is the question.. now if google saw the same then I could start to get worried… its just a matter of time before before this bubble pops.. we are just overloaded with ads everywhere.. its quite annoying but not as annoying as whats next: cell phone ads..

  3. Chetan

    in response to your question, i wrote a post, as you can see which outlines my thoughts on the matter. i do suspect this is a big warning flag for most of us who are dependent on ad dollars. i know for sure, it is something that will keep me awake at nights.

  4. Yes the online ad boom is going to slow down but only for brand display advertising (whoose fortune is tied much more with yahoo than google).

    The direct response search ad boom is going to continue except in one niche thats the mortgage/realestate industry.

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