3 thoughts on “Is UK mobile cartel under threat?”

  1. Since everyone is paying the same terminating charge for eg 3’s network, what would the difference in competitive position be for a VoIP provider. Isn’t it the case that a large mobile provider will in general have an advantage, because if it has 40% of the market, the mobile-mobile calls will be 40% on net and therefore the big network will be able to offer a up to 40% lower average price per call than someone who is only running a tenth of a percentage point of the market (Think VoIP provider)

    But could anybody explain why it is fair for 3 to recieve a higher terminating charge? If it costs more to build the network or to operate teh entwork, should tehy e in the buisness at all?

  2. Raindeer,

    I think from a mobile VoIP service provider’s perspective, i think what will end up happening is what we are seeing in the US: profitless prosperity for most, and eventual demise. one or two will make it because they might have some market penetration at that point. Skype comes to mind, if they finally get their own clients out.

    On the question of 3, well that is an issue I hope someone in the UK takes up with Ofcom.

  3. I believe that the operators won’t like it but these ‘progressions’ will continue 2 happen.

    However I don’t c any going out of business soon. Also they dabble with their “walled garden” but don’t c much real openness.

    Like a lot of utility/legacy players they are still finding ways 2 make this ‘new world’ pay.
    They maybe slow but their not stupid. Well ….

    Helps out the VOIP players somewhat but not a huge difference that I can c.


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