10 thoughts on “ISync Out of Sync”

  1. Apple doesn’t list the Nokia 6620 as being compatible with iSync; I wish Apple could update iSync more frequently with each new phone that comes to market.

  2. There is a way to move addresses from the Mac over to the 6620. It’s not pretty. If you transfer vcard files (.vcf) to the phone it will understand them and impott the contact info into it’s contacts program.

    You can make a vcard file by dragging contact info from Palm Desktop to the desktop. You can also do the same in Address Book and Entourage, but the 6620 only understands vcard files from Palm desktop.

  3. Well, that’s remarkable this short notice. iSync doesn’t work as I want it to, so let’s go to PC now… If you were a systemadministrator as I am, you will generate huge amounts of bills, I think you’re boss will be happy 🙂
    In the meantime, on PC you have a virus everyday, keep up to date or you’re PC will beat you… So, please, no such foolish remarks okay.

  4. Pull up your big boys pants and deal with it.
    Tech moves fast- and not even Apple can keep up in real time.
    (You know that Mac is still WAY ahead of the tech curve).

  5. There will be an update within a couple weeks — by early January at the latest. They do this kind of thing every few months, often timing it with the big expos. Having to wait those couple weeks is the price you pay for getting a bleeding-edge product: not all other products immediately catch up to it. But a few weeks of inconvenience is a pretty small price to pay. Unless you get a new bleeding-edge phone every few weeks, in which case you’ve got other problems.

  6. And yet despite how much I love OSX, and there’s no way I would move to Windows (except at work where I was forced to because the boss who knew nothing about computers thought everything had to be Windows) … anyhow, where was I, oh yes. Why the hell doesn’t it work with my Sprint phones? I’ve got a cable that will let me use the phone as my internet connection (unreliably, but it sometimes works) – so they can communicate – why can’t I back up my phone numbers? What century are we living in (where common devices still can’t communicate)???

  7. Built-in support in OSX for Bluetooth and mobile devices is far better than Microsoft’s current offerings.

    That said you will find more support for Nokia phones on a PC because Nokia makes their own software suite for Window’s.

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