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  1. Are you trying to sync both the phone and a Palm with iSync? If so you might just be noticing a new “feature” in Tiger iSync.

    In Tiger if you hit the Palm cradle button iSync will only sync the Palm device, not a phone. If you click the button on the iSync application (not the menubar) it will prompt you to press the cradle button. If you press the cradle button both the Palm and the phone will sync, if not it will time out and just the phone will sync.

    This seems a real pain (especially b/c it’s not immediately obvious unless you read the KB article on it) at first, but the benefit is you don’t need to have everything plugged in to sync without an error message.

    Of course if your not also using a Palm none of this applies.

    Good luck.

  2. iSync no longer works without .mac. All syncs now go through your iDisc. Best I can figure, if you don’t have a .mac account, you’re out of luck. I’m very surprised that yours is the first blog Iv;e seen comment on this “feature”. One of the 200 Tiger features no doubt.

  3. I have jumped through the hoops already. I don’t have a Palm. What really is annoying is that it was working till last evening, before I went to sleep. Somehow it just went kaput. I have looked at the forums and there seems to be no answer. More questions. I have a feeling that Tiger got rushed to the market a bit prematurely

  4. Leo,

    I feel your pain. it is so frustrating to be dealing with this situation. i have even reset the phone a couple of times, to no avail. anyway hopefully i will be able to figure it out soon enough and then post the updates here

  5. The first rule of computing:

    Never, ever install a newly released operating system onto your primary computer.

    Wait for the first service pack, or whatever Apple calls service packs. Let others find and fix the bugs.

  6. iSync under Tiger works fine w/ my seT637 phone… one quirk I noticed is that it does not work if I choose sync from the menubar, only if I open up the iSync application and then choose ‘sync devices’ from there… seems like a little trick to encourage you to subscribe to .mac…

    too bad there’s not a pref to fix this!

  7. Really Pissed off with Apple as I just went to sync my iPod and Sony phone for the first time since upgrading and noticed the sync menu no longer available, wasn’t able to switch it on because I don’t have a .mac account and they only seem to let you sync now if you do.
    This stinks. Reminds me of when they brought out Quicktime pro and stopped the free quicktime from being able to play movies full screen.

  8. Lee

    i know how you feel. it has been quite painful to keep the data synced between my devices, meanwhile my phone 6620 has died so i am going to get me a more compatible and easy to use phone

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