2 thoughts on “Italians Big French Broadband Gambit”

  1. Telecom Italia needs to get its act together on the home front before it has a prayer of winning any other market. Telecom’s customer service is notorious in Italy (see URL above for just one story…).

  2. I can’t wait to sign up for 15 Mbps symmetrical broadband service for 35 EUR per month when I get back to Amsterdam next month. I asked American ISPs why broadband is so much more expensive here and they come up with the same excuse: oh, the US is a big country, larger distances, blah blah. When I ask, well what about places like NY, SF, Philadelphia, which are urban and more densely populated – why isn’t broadband service/price there comparable to that in Paris? Silence. This is the same excuse I hear from mobile operators in the US – oh, it’s a big country, blah blah. Well, they can’t even get good mobile phone coverage in a small city like San Francisco.

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