8 thoughts on “Joi Ito, Reid Hoffman invest in VoIP”

  1. pretty sure it is a sipura. but since sipura clearly offers their product for rebadging . . . ..

  2. Don’t see how they can claim that they “make” PhoneGnome. They’re just buying a ready made product from Sipura. TelEvolution are sounding more like marketing company than a technology company. I’d be putting my money in Sipura.

  3. PhoneGnome is based on the Sipura/Linksys SPA-3000 hardware platform, customized to our specs and using our patent pending technology.

    Users that are comfortable taking advantage of the stock SPA-3000 (which is a great product) may not find value in PhoneGnome for themselves. That market is already well served by the SPA-3000 and other existing VoIP products.

    PhoneGnome targets a different audience, people that are not going to set up a SIP server in their house, and would not be comfortable trying to configure and use a generic SPA-3000. Before judging by what PhoneGnome looks like, check out the site and in particular the setup and use of PhoneGnome and I think you’ll see it’s a different animal, with a vastly different out of the box user experience (see http://www.phonegnome.com/how_phonegnome_works.html http://www.phonegnome.com/setup.html and http://www.phonegnome.com/using.html)

    To this point, retailers would not be likely to carry a generic SPA-3000, as it is not a consumer-friendly product, whereas PhoneGnome is available in selected Staples stores now, for back-to-school.

    The whole point of PhoneGnome is to bring some of the cool stuff guys like us have done with the SPA-3000, Asterisk servers, SER, etc. including SIP addresses, and FREE telephony, to average consumers. That’s more people with SIP addresses, more people we can all call for free. That’s good for everybody.

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