5 thoughts on “Its a Sony PSP Planet”

  1. Om,

    Tried to post a comment in Safari but it blew up for some reason (bad Apple, bad!).

    I am a HUGE baseball fan (diehard Cubs fan) and if I could watch ESPN highlights of baseball (and even complete games like Cubs v.s. Red Sox later this year) on a PSP, I would buy a PSP in a heart beat!! There must be a way to do this. I am a Mac user and prefer not to pay money to big bad Bill Gates and his PC bretheren. Maybe a Mac Mini could Tivo the baseball games for me and then I could move the files to a PSP and watch my games while time and place shifted? Please please, pretty please!!!

  2. eddie that clearly would be the idea scenario though not sure if apple would even do it. but it is a great idea. i am sure some hack for transferring .tivo files to a mac will emerge. that is up until apple introduces its own version of a PVR

  3. @ Raam. PSP > Any other gadget. Seriously, the functionality that it has blows any other gadget out of the water. Compare it with iPod side by side and you will notice the major difference.

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