6 thoughts on “Its A Very VoIPy Tuesday”

  1. I expect VoIP to break out of it’s rather colorless mold into something much more exciting once Microsoft’s enterprise offering Mobile Communicator (w/VoIP) transforms the mobile phone industry later this year and into 2007. And if MS can create a consumer offering with the same technology, it will turn the mobile phone industry upside-down.

  2. The wholesale model is a joke. All cable operators of any size have been rolled up, or in the alternative, already ink’d deals with a Net2Phone. All that is left are very rural, very small cable cos – not exactly a good Voip target customer, plus you cannot get any leverage or mass.

    Ok, lets look at the residential market. Customer has to have high-speed internet access, but not from a Bell (DSL). So that leaves us with (essentially) with people receiving broadband access from their cable company, who is or will be selling Voip as an add on. Today, Vonage is cheaper (alot) than my cable company’s Voip product, but (a) it wont be for long, and (b) my Bell phone line is already only $40 a month all I can eat. Some will sign up, but there will not be enough to sustain the business models.

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