6 thoughts on “iTunes App Store Has More Than 100,000 Apps”

  1. Om,
    Foreign language apps are a big deal, and they continue to explode.

    There are more newbies to the smartphone / ipod world who are feeding the demand.
    Other than that does anybody cares. ?
    You need your twenty something “Essential Apps”. The rest are crap.

  2. Would it make sense for RIM to jump on the app bandwagon?

    I wouldn’t give up my BlackBerry for any reason other than lack of apps. There are some apps, dont get me wrong, but accessibility and user friendliness are issues they must overcome.

  3. Two analyses would help a lot.

    (1) The top 1,000 apps by download volume on Apple and what percent are available on Android.

    (2) The percent of the Apple and Android app lists that are actually good apps. My understanding is that many thousands of the Apple “apps” are just e-book titles. It’s great that those are available, but calling them all “apps” distorts what is really going on in terms of real development.

    Has anyone done these analyses?

  4. The next few years should be interesting to find out which platform will come out on top. Competition is good it keeps everyone on their toes and it propels technology to the next level for the consumers.

    Apps for iPhone or Android are mainly for profits and some for the pleasure of creating useful apps and everyone app is useful to the users and knocking them for being useless is demeaning to their creators. My advice is if you don’t like them don’t use them and if you think you are better then create some great apps and make a fortune.

  5. Those app counts a bogus. 90% of the apps counted are duplicates.

    Anyone with $5 and no programming skills can automatically generate an app for their blog and have it automatically approved by Apple and added to their count.

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