20 thoughts on “Jaman, now playing on AppleTV”

  1. hey james

    they are about to release the software, which can be easily installed on your apple tv. i am going to update the post when they are ready to give it out.

  2. These guys are doing an amazing job. The Scoble interview was great and I really think that their product line is going to take off and could ultimately be the boost that AppleTV is hoping for!

  3. I saw the jaman demo at Demo07 and had an oppurtunity to talk to Gaurav as well. Their execution is fantastic, and the picture quality is very very good. It ports well to the TV sets. I think this vastly differentiates itself from the others.

  4. In the interview, we are told that one can refuse to participate in Jaman Cascade Network (their P2P network). If confirmed, I will subscribe to it; otherwise I will not (see my reasons in reference to Skype). After all, Amazon S3 charges about 15 cents per GB – I am willing to pay the bandwidth cost, but not share my PC or bandwidth.

    By the way, given that they claim to cater to “middle tail”, how much can they really benefit with JCN?

  5. The visual acuity of Jaman rocks! Streaming content looks grainy and dated – almost like taking a step back technologically. HD is the way forward and these guys have nailed it.

  6. Apple will NEVER approve of this.
    Apple want to OWN the living room, not sell consumer electronics so others can SHARE it. Same with Microsoft.

    But then again, I do believe this is inevitable. But not with Apple and Microsoft boxes.
    Come on Google, release the Android-TV os already!

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