8 thoughts on “Jawbone buys Visere & MassiveHealth to marry data & design with wearable computing”

  1. Wearables are going to rock, but not until they have the uses cases under their belt that go beyond sport and fitness or health monitoring. At least this purchase consolidates the market and hopefully spawns moves into entertainment and convenience devices.

    We wrote our thoughts up here: http://successfulworkplace.com/2013/02/04/dawn-of-the-wearable-device/

    I know the smartphone isn’t considered a wearable, but it’s very close and is a mobile sensor not unlike Pebble and Jawbone UP.

  2. @slim, you are right to ask. For me it seems Nike related apps are amongst the most downloaded apps in the activity tracking space (let’s see if anybody can find more facts source 148apps.biz).

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