4 thoughts on “Jeff Hawkins doing his thing again”

  1. You should check out his new book, ‘On Intelligence.’ A great read and a good glimpse into what he plans on doing next. I also love his ideas about natural intellgience vs. artificial intelligence. Could it have applications for search technology? Hmm…


  2. I really don’t think this indicates any trouble for PalmOne – though I can see why Jeff might be feeling it is not as challenging anymore. I remember him expressing his ideas of working in the area of intelligence atleast an year ago.

  3. I have no intention of leaving palmOne or changing the amount of time I work there. I said so in my talk yesterday. Basically I split my time between palmOne and RNI and have been doing so for several years. What is changing is that I will spend less time at RNI so I have some time for the new business.

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