11 thoughts on “Jeff Jonas Video on How Data Makes Corporations Dumb”

    1. Bill

      I would argue that the problem has gotten more acute in past three years and it is getting worse. So from that perspective, his “3” year old insight is still more valid.

  1. That was a fantastic video.

    The takeaway is that given the increasing amount of existing and new kinds of information coming in, unless a miracle occurs…

    …there’s no escaping the need to have someone like Jeff Jonas on your staff who is the Chief Information Expert and takes responsibility for double-checking and second-guessing the existing and new interpretations of your data, constantly looking for gotchas and blind spots. Computers cannot do what humans do.

    How can you integrate such wisdom into your automated information systems without having someone on your staff who has that wisdom in the first place? If you’re getting bad data, then the basic problem couldn’t be more obvious!


    Likewise there’s a stream of another kind of information coming at us and GigaOM wants to be there to help us interpret it, add value and even wants to charge for a subscription to that added value. This is why I truly hope that there’s a “Chief Writing Officer” at GigaOM who takes responsibilitly for the quality of writing, sets the minimum standards and exercises quality control.

    The quality of writing on GigaOM is definitely inconsistent, and sometimes quite poor (e.g. D.E.) generated by writers who exhibit unprofessionalism, poor critical thinking and expository writing skills, a tendency toward sensationalism, and writing that’s obviously just banged out to fill the RSS streams parroting other sites.

    A Chief Writing Officer would know that GigaOM is not the only stream people read, and if it wants to stand out and offer exceptional value, it has to produce original thoughtful content that can take hours and hours of careful work and research to produce. Asymco.com is one example of a quality to strive for. The C.W.O. knows that consistency is key, that it takes a long time to build respect and takes just minutes to damage it. It’s either all high quality, or it’s only as good as it’s weakest offering.

    If GigaOM wants to be in between the industry and it’s readers, it wants to make sure it double-checks and second-guesses it’s output and takes a lesson from Jeff Jonas, if needed.

    Information is being transmitted here through the conduit of writing. And if it’s bad, the problem couldn’t be more obvious.

    Mark Hernandez
    Information Workshop

  2. Did I miss it, or doesn’t he cover machine learning. Without it, good luck. His example of counting is a good example why there should be machine learning, as in self organization.

      1. He talks about organizational learning but not specifically about machine learning. Now one can interpret organizational learning both ways, to me seems he’s talking about pretty conventional system.
        Can you ask him next time about machine learning?


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