7 thoughts on “Jeff’s mobile phone ideas, and mine… not quite the same”

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  2. Dude, do not be silly. Look at the sales of 12″ Macs versus 15″. Look at what happened with smaller Vaio laptops, like Z505 and R505 series- most Vaios are bigger now.
    People just cannot work/surf web with small screens/tiny keyboard.
    Cell phone as a computer is a cute idea which will not work, only in very specialized areas, like finding location information and some text-basted instant notifications.
    Do no confuse a few dedicated geeks/bloggers blaying with gizmos with typical consumers, including kids.

  3. billy, that’s precisely what i am saying. if you read my previous post. so hopefully you get a chance to come back and (further) post your thoughts

  4. The Nokia 9300 has the best web browsing experience of any mobile, including a small, but fairly decent keyboard. If mobile networks didn’t suck so much it would be even better.

  5. I think the thing stopping the mobile phone from being a PC replacement is not the inherent limitations of the form factor (Moore’s Law and GUI can overcome this) but the incestuous relationship between handset vendors and service providers. If the main way to get PCs back in the 80s and 90s had been through Compuserve and AOL (or worse yet the RBOCs), something tells me today’s devices would be but a pale shadow of what we actually have.

  6. Should have said user interface instead of GUI. The best UI for a small device may not be primarily visual . . .

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