15 thoughts on “Jobless in Seattle?”

  1. Their original bold goal, to connect job seekers directly with hiring managers, seems to have been abandoned. Too bad, because the talent recruitment process at most large companies is still very inefficient, and ripe for substantive innovation.

  2. I agree with #1 jj on this. why do they need that many people working for them?

    maybe they should be 37s Getting Real book.

    Do they VC’s read the businesses plans for these companies or do these business plans even include staff numbers.

    I feel sorry for the people getting laid off.

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  5. Jobster model was flawed from the beginning. It was all hype to begin with. Here is why. You cannot add Social Networking elements with HR. HR do not want to see pictures. They will get sued like crazy for discrimination. That is why not a lot of companies will acquire talent from Jobster. Sorry to be skeptical but I give Jobster 6 months to fold.

    I just can’t believe how experienced VC’s didn’t see this.

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