5 thoughts on “Joe Hewitt, Mobile Guru Leaves Facebook”

    1. Yes. I’m sure he’s very talented, so I started following him on Twitter at one point – the overwhelming majority of posts were “this sucks in Android compared to iOS”.

  1. I am hoping he visit’s the web over mobile for the next project. Also I am really interested in what he will come up with next if its a developer tool, lets not forget he created firebug for developers.

  2. Your headline led me to wonder why he, like so many closed their Facebook account. Who knew he was part of the problem, not the solution.

  3. It must have been coming for a while because the biggest giveaway was the sheer lack of updates to their mobile apps in way too long. The iPhone app was great at the start but is starting to get dated very quickly and the lack of an iPad app at all is baffling. He has left a great legacy though

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